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How to fuel your Mud Run, Prior, During and After

How to Fuel your Mud Run: Prior to, During & After.

In preparation for your Mud Run, appropriate nutrition and hydration can help you maintain your energy levels throughout the course, avoid nausea, dehydration and cramps. Your nutrition throughout your training time should be based around unprocessed, whole foods with a healthy balance of carbs (50-60%), lean protein (20-30%) and healthy fats (10-30%),

The Count Down


  • 1 Month Before

Start to increase your percentage of carbs to nearer the 60/70% range and reduce protein, keep your fat intake at around 20/30%. This will help to store muscle glycogen. Think about supplementing your nutrition with a good multi vitamin which contains Vit C, B-Complex, Vit D, Zinc and Magnesium. Ensure you are getting adequate rest, aiming for 7-8hours of quality sleep to help aid muscle recovery and repair. Enjoy Epsom Salt baths to aid recovery from training.


  • 2 Days Before

48hours before endurance events is the time to “Carb-load”; this will give your body the time to store glycogen in the muscles ready to be used through the event. Carbohydrates should form 70-90% of your overall calorie intake for the 2 days prior to your run. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars which the body easily absorbs and stores. Lay off the alcohol and excessive caffeine as these are dehydrating.


  • The Night Before

Have your dinner a little earlier than usual and again make it predominantly carbs. Drink plenty of water. Have a relaxing bath in Epsom salts or Magnesium Salt to help relax the muscles.


  • The Morning of the Run

Aim to eat your breakfast about three hours before your start time. Again, it should contain some carbohydrates and some protein. A great choice would be some wholegrain or seeded toast or bagel with butter and nut butter (Peanut, Almond, Cashew etc); this will provide you with complex carbs, healthy fats and protein. Add a couple of small bananas for its energy, vitamins and nutrients and the potassium can help prevent cramps. Drink around 500ml – 1 litre of water with your breakfast.


  • During the Run

Keep your energy levels up with energy drinks, water, a protein bar & bananas. Your body loses a lot of electrolytes through sweat so replace these by drinking a watered down sports drink through the race.


  • After the Run

Replace any lost fluids with either an energy drink or protein shake and a banana. After that, go celebrate and enjoy your success.



Written by Sally Hancox

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