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Important message from The Mud Yard

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that the Mud Yard mud run at Buzzards Valley on Saturday 8th October will no longer be going ahead.

The Mud Yard is a small family business and due to an unexpected illness we have had to make this very hard decision.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. At present as we do not know the timescale for recovery therefore we cannot reschedule the event for a later date.  

As a result of this all sign up fees will be refunded in full to all participants (who have already signed up) within the next 7 days to enable you to book an alternative event. Please allow up to 14 days for the payment to clear in your account.

As and when the situation changes we will update you on any further developments with the Mud Yard.

We would like to thank you for your support in choosing the Mud Yard and wish you all the best for your future runs.


Kind Regards

Sharon & Spencer Louca

The Mud Yard Ltd


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Why you should ditch processed foods!

Looking for an easy way to throw your hormones out of whack, bring your metabolism to a halt, and gain a lot of weight? Then eat more processed foods! Go to the supermarket and stock up on crisps, biscuits, sweets, chocolate and commercially-baked cakes. Eat everything you can find that comes in a box or contains refined grains, hydrogenated oils, or added sugar and preservatives. Keep it up, and soon you won’t be able to control your weight at all!

I’m being sarcastic, but you get the point. Processed foods are absolute murder on your hormone balance. Why? Here’s a dirty little secret: Your body doesn’t recognize them as foods.


Processed foods don’t come from nature; they come from factories. The more productive the factories, the more money the corporation makes. And the less the corporation can spend on the cheap raw materials going into those factories, the higher its profit margins. As a result, the diet of the 21st century is composed primarily of cheap crops like corn, soy, and wheat, whether we consciously recognize them on our plates or not. Of course, corn, soy, and wheat don’t have a lot of flavour on their own, so food chemists add a barrage of chemicals to make them actually taste like something. Think of corn, soy, and wheat as the blank canvas upon which the food-science industry paints the illusion of food.

This illusion might fool your taste buds into thinking you’re eating real food, but your body doesn’t completely fall for it. In fact, it doesn’t know what to make of the mess of chemicals you just put into it. It scratches its head and goes, “Huh? What the…? I guess I’ll just do…this.” And “this,” your body’s very next reaction, is always, always bad news for your hormones.


The Real Cost of Our Food

Yes, processed foods and fast foods are cheap. But why are they cheap? Because they’re made with low-quality ingredients with little to no nutrient value, and they’re pumped full of chemicals to give them flavor, and preservatives to give them a shelf life longer than any food really should have. When you consider the hidden costs of these empty calories and additives — a nationwide epidemic of obesity and skyrocketing rates of diabetes, to name just two — processed foods don’t seem like such a good deal, do they? Whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables may seem more expensive up front, but they’ll pay off in the long run. Consider it a down payment on a healthy body for years to come!


Written by Sally Hancox

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How to fuel your Mud Run, Prior, During and After

How to Fuel your Mud Run: Prior to, During & After.

In preparation for your Mud Run, appropriate nutrition and hydration can help you maintain your energy levels throughout the course, avoid nausea, dehydration and cramps. Your nutrition throughout your training time should be based around unprocessed, whole foods with a healthy balance of carbs (50-60%), lean protein (20-30%) and healthy fats (10-30%),

The Count Down


  • 1 Month Before

Start to increase your percentage of carbs to nearer the 60/70% range and reduce protein, keep your fat intake at around 20/30%. This will help to store muscle glycogen. Think about supplementing your nutrition with a good multi vitamin which contains Vit C, B-Complex, Vit D, Zinc and Magnesium. Ensure you are getting adequate rest, aiming for 7-8hours of quality sleep to help aid muscle recovery and repair. Enjoy Epsom Salt baths to aid recovery from training.


  • 2 Days Before

48hours before endurance events is the time to “Carb-load”; this will give your body the time to store glycogen in the muscles ready to be used through the event. Carbohydrates should form 70-90% of your overall calorie intake for the 2 days prior to your run. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars which the body easily absorbs and stores. Lay off the alcohol and excessive caffeine as these are dehydrating.


  • The Night Before

Have your dinner a little earlier than usual and again make it predominantly carbs. Drink plenty of water. Have a relaxing bath in Epsom salts or Magnesium Salt to help relax the muscles.


  • The Morning of the Run

Aim to eat your breakfast about three hours before your start time. Again, it should contain some carbohydrates and some protein. A great choice would be some wholegrain or seeded toast or bagel with butter and nut butter (Peanut, Almond, Cashew etc); this will provide you with complex carbs, healthy fats and protein. Add a couple of small bananas for its energy, vitamins and nutrients and the potassium can help prevent cramps. Drink around 500ml – 1 litre of water with your breakfast.


  • During the Run

Keep your energy levels up with energy drinks, water, a protein bar & bananas. Your body loses a lot of electrolytes through sweat so replace these by drinking a watered down sports drink through the race.


  • After the Run

Replace any lost fluids with either an energy drink or protein shake and a banana. After that, go celebrate and enjoy your success.



Written by Sally Hancox

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Fancy Joining The Mud Yard Team?

The success of any muddy obstacle race can be measured by the help and support offered by its volunteers who marshal the course, oversee the obstacles and generally have the safety and welfare of all runners as their mission for the day.

Here at the Mud Yard we are looking for volunteers to join the team to marshal at our upcoming events.

What will I get?

  • Free entry to future race
  • Fed and watered on the day
  • Free place on 1 day first aid course run by our medics Rapid Response

Who is this role for?

  • Runners who may be nursing an injury
  • Family and friends of runners taking part
  • Local charities or groups
  • Anyone who can motivate our runners and who’s willing to give muddy hugs

Fancy becoming part of the team? Free on Saturday 8th October – drop us an email with your details to


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Race Day Information

You should by now have received your Race Pack through the post with your race number, wrist band and 2 x Race Agreement Forms. If you have signed up in the last few days your race packs are in the post on their way to you.

Please note the 9.20am runners will now be running with the 9.50am Wave
Here is all the information you will need to have an awesome day. If you have signed up as part of a team please make sure all your team members are made aware of this information.
The 2 x Race Agreement forms both need to be signed and handed in on the day to the Mud Yard Reception. (Please note any under 18’s will also need to get their form signed by parent/guardian). You have already agreed to these waivers during the online booking process however these are required to be handed in, in order to be able to take part in the race so please don’t forget to bring them with you on the day.

Venue address:
Drayton Manor Theme Park,
Drayton Manor Drive
B78 3SA

How to get there?

By Road – Drayton Manor is situated just off Junction 9 of M42 Motorway and is clearly signposted from most incoming routes. Sat Nav postcode B78 3SA

By Rail – Tamworth Railway Station is approx 3 miles from Drayton Manor
On arrival at Drayton Manor Theme Park enter through the main entrance, –
Drive past the Drayton Manor Hotel on your left and down the hill where you will see the Mud Yard banners and entrance.
Show your Race Info Pack letter or Race number to Drayton Manor Security who will allow you through to The Mud Yard event field. (Do not park on the hotel or other car parks as you may incur additional charges)
Parking will be charged at £5.00 per car this helps pay for signage, litter picking and land re-instatement.
Cash only – No cards accepted on the day
We strongly encourage you to car-share to save you £££’s and the environment.
Please have the right change available to help prevent queues.
When do I need to get there?
Please arrive on site at least 45-60 minutes before your wave start time –
This will allow sufficient time to park,
Hand in your signed Race Participation Agreement forms at the Reception Area
Attend the Safety demonstration and Warm up by the Mud Yard and Fit Camp Fitness Crew

Confirmed Wave times – the colour of the wristband in your Race Pack indicates which wave you are in:-
Pink/Blue Wristbands – 9.50am Wave (Please note the 9.20am wave has been moved to 9.50am)
Orange Wristband – 10.30am Wave
Yellow Wristband – 10.50am Wave
Green Wristband – 12.00pm Wave
Red Wristband – 12.20pm Wave

Is there a bag drop?
There is a Key Drop Only available on the day
Parking is on the event field so bags can easily be collected from your car after the event
If you are travelling by public transport and do not have spectators to look after your belongings please advise us beforehand

The Spud Man is providing on-site catering on the event field serving breakfast/hot food & hot/cold drinks
We have a great DJ on site to entertain you
My Sports and More Clothing and Nutritional Stand selling sports clothing and products so if you have forgotten any last minute items they can be purchased
Go Pro Hire – why not hire a go pro head/chest cam to record your Mud Yard experience – all our runners are entitled to a £10 discount by quoting MudYard10 – cost to hire £20 with discount – footage can be emailed or the SD card can be purchased for approx £5 and you can take it away with you. Dont forget to pre-book to avoid disappointment
Our Chosen charity Midlands Air Ambulance will have a stand so you can chat to them about the fantastic work they do
The Army Reserves Office are having a stand so if you are thinking of signing up you can have a chat with their team
On-site First Aid by our medics – Rapid Response Medical Group
Portable toilets and urinals
Cold Hose-down area
Basic seperate Male and Female Changing areas
What shall I wear?
We recommend tight fitting running leggings and long sleeves to keeps your legs and arms covered & protected. Avoid jersey material opt for breathable tight fitting layers instead
Trail trainers highly recommended – tie them tight or risk losing them in the mud!
Gloves to protect your hands
Fancy dress encouraged – Free tickets for next event for best fancy dress outfits
No jewellery/mobile phones/ipods recommended
Dont forget to bring a change of warm clothes, a towel and a bin bag to take your wet clothes home in

Will water be supplied?
Water points are available along the route and at the finish line

On the course – the barrier tape is there to guide you on your way. Please do not hold onto it or break it as it will not help you and may mean your fellow runners get lost or go the wrong way which is not what we want. If you see any barrier tape down around the course please advise your nearest marshal – we don’t want anyone to get lost.

Spectators are welcome
Bring along your friends and family to cheer you on – they can get an insight to what is happening on the course in our marquee which will be streaming video footage from the course back onto a projector screen.

Strictly no dogs allowed – with the exception of guide dogs

Will there be Photos?:
Onsite photography by Image Red Media Limited – there is a card in your Race Pack with the link details for the photos which will be available to buy online post event. Here it is again just in case – No spectators are allowed on the course however we have 6 photographers who are going to be positioned at key areas to capture some awesome shots – give them a big smile and a wave. Own photos can be taken on start/finish field
We have our large Mud Yard Banner Backdrop for you to have a Before and After team photo taken.
We are also having our Mud Yard official video recorded on 19th so say Hi and give our video guys a wave and you may get a feature

What will I get at the finish line?
Awesome Sense of Achievement!
Limited Edition Mud Yard T shirt and not forgetting your Race Bling Medal
Goody Bag containing £5 online shopping voucher for My Sports and More, Chocolate bar and Bottle of water
Discounted Entry into Drayton Manor Theme Park for all runners will be available at The Mud Yard Reception on arrival if you have family visiting the theme park whilst you are taking part in the run – alternatively you can all head in there after
What happens when I finish:
Once you have crossed the line collect your t shirt and medal, have a shower at our hose down area and get changed into warm clothing in the changing rooms provided. We have a heated marquee where you can go to warm up and have some food.

Please take all your belongings with you or anything you do not want make sure you put it in the bins provided.

Please hang around have some food and a drink and help us to celebrate a Fantastic Day!!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on 19th.

The Mud Yard Crew

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What are you wearing for The Mud Yard

There is no strict dress code for taking part in a mud run, lots of people like to dress up in Fancy Dress. However, whatever you choose to wear on 19th March we would highly recommend you follow one or two of these golden rules that will help to make your Mud Yard experience an even better one.

A good grip on your trainers is essential, trail trainers with a good grip will help you negotiate the terrain. There are many to choose from in local sports outlets or online and are available to fit all budgets. Remember to tie them tight so you don’t loose them.

Wear base layers of thin clothing rather than thick jersey materials. Remember you will be getting wet, you will be getting muddy so the more breathable and tight fitting your clothing is, the less it will weigh you down and the quicker it will dry. We would also recommend you cover your arms and legs perhaps with running leggings with shorts over and a long sleeved base layer. You will be negotiating woodland, water crossings and fields so to avoid any unnecessary scratches and scrapes keep covered up.

Gloves – a pair of gardening gloves are ideal as they give grip when negotiating the obstacles.

Most of all don’t forget to wear your Game Face and Smile!!

Short on any of the above – Why not head over and look at the My Sports and More website for race clothing 

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My Sports and More attending The Mud Yard

My Sports and More will be attending The Mud Yard at Drayton Manor Park on 19th March with an array of goodies for you to peruse or purchase on the day. There will be nutritional products, sports clothing as well as the Go Pro Camera Hire that we have been telling you about.

They have also very kindly donated a £5 voucher for their online shop to every one of our Mud Yard Runners. Neil and his team look forward to meeting you on 19th March. For more information on their products visit their website

go pro for hire

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Fancy free entry to A Mud Yard Event?

Why not marshal for us at Drayton Manor Park on Saturday 19th March. 

You would need to be with us from 8.00 am to 4.00pm following a safety briefing you will be positioned around the course to encourage and motivate our runners as they pass by, you may be manning an obstacle or on the main event field.

In return you will be given a packed lunch and voucher for a warm meal and drink from our onsite caterers. You will also earn a free ticket to a future Mud Yard event.

Taking part in The Mud Yard and have friends and family who would like a front seat view of you taking part on the course then why not ask them if they are interested in helping out?

Fancy doing a mud run but not sure what they involve this is a fantastic way to see what they are all about. 

Nursing an injury which means you can’t take part? Marshal this event and get the next event Free.

Fancy joining our team contact us

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Discount Deals for Mud Yard Runners at Drayton Manor 19/3/16

We are excited to tell you that we have secured all our Mud Yard Runners discounted entry tickets into the Drayton Manor theme park after your run on 19th March. Plus you can stay in the Drayton Manor Hotel at a reduced room rate or camp onsite in the Caravan and Camping Club Campsite

Why not dry off and have a drink and a warm in our heated event field marquee after your run then once you are warmed up and refreshed continue your adrenalin fueled day in the Theme Park.

Discounted tickets available

Adults £18.00     Big Kids £15.00     Little Kids 2-3yrs £6.00

Discount vouchers will be issued to any runners interested in going in the Theme Park at the Registration Tent on the day of the event when you hand in your signed Race Agreement form which will be in your Race pack due to be posted out by the end of February. 

Also we have secured promotional rates in the hotel if you want to make a weekend of it at £60 per double room. If you are interested in a room booking contact us for the Discount code. Discount rate available until 10th March with limited availability so book soon to avoid disappointment.

Camping is also available onsite and if you are interested please contact us for more details


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