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What is Fit Camp UK?

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Fit Camp UK is based on a great motto: Get Fit, Lose Fat and Have Fun! We are a fun and friendly non military fitness boot camp that is passionate about getting results! Whatever your Age, Stage of Life or Fitness Level; Fit Camp UK offers a variety of Outdoor Fitness Camps that are without a doubt a better training alternative to the gym! We vary each workout so you will never lose interest and take away all the difficult thinking away. All we ask is that you turn up, improve your fitness and have some fun!

So if your struggling with motivation and tired of not seeing results then come down and  join in with of group of like-minded people. We invite you to experience the Fun, Social and Fitness benefits of Fit Camp UK.

Head over to our Membership page to reserve you place today. Once you’ve been to our Taster Session and you’ve discovered what Fit Camp UK is all about, you can become an official member allowing you to join us for our fitness session every week! There are 4 main Membership Options for Fit Camp UK with direct debit options to pay so you’re sure to find one to suit your very needs!

Benefits of joining Fit Camp UK

If your struggling with motivation and tired of not seeing results then come down and  join in with of group of like-minded people. We invite you to experience the Fun, Social and Fitness benefits of Fit Camp UK. Head over to our ‘Membership’ page to reserve you place today.

  • Having fun with like mided people
  • Quicker, faster results
  • Great activity variety
  • Greater adherence
  • Working out while making new friends
  • Improves physical health and quality of life
  • Improves psychological well-being
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Helps you manage your weight
  • Promotes better sleep

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